Trapping coyotes doesn't have to be hard 

Let me show you how you can become an effective predator trapper

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My name is Kris Pope, I've been trapping for over 15 years now and I've caught my share of game, including coyotes.  I haven't had great success because I'm a great trapper, but because I had some great teachers.  

Trapping is not the easiest sport to get into.  There's alot of equipment that you need and on top of that you've got to know how to use all of that equipment to successfully trap animals.  So many times when I'm talking with people about trapping they'll say "I've always wanted to try trapping" or "That sounds like a fun thing to do."  I know the biggest hold up is that they've never had anyone show them what to do, tell them what they need, and take them along on a trapline to see how it all works.  

Well that's exactly what I created Coyote Trapping School to do, give you step by step instructions and list out exactly what you need to start trapping coyotes.  I know there are plenty of trapping videos on the market, but with those videos all you're getting is a ride along and breeze through of what those professional trappers do on a daily basis.  There's not alot of value, not alot of knowledge, being passed on that is useful to a beginning trapper.  

With Coyote Trapping School you'll get detailed checklists outlining exactly what items you need, with clickable links so you can see what the item is.  You'll also get a step by step walkthrough, right over my shoulder, as I show you the basics of trapping coyotes.  And with the online format you can learn at your own pace, even go back and rewatch segments to make sure you got everything.  This is the first online trapping course available, most other subjects are available to learn online and I think trapping should be too.  We're an on demand society and this is an on demand training course, ready and available whenever you are.  ​

If you want trapping information and notifications about Coyote Trapping School delivered right to your inbox click here.  If you want to browse the site and see what other information is available check out our Trapping Articles.

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